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75 days of No Workouts & Mindless Eating

After having lost 94 lbs and maintaining for over two years, in a not so blunt manner I’ve been asked why I wasn't thinner if I was keeping pretty active.  I don’t take offense to the question because it’s made me reevaluate my journey.  The reason… yes I keep active but I have not balanced it with the healthiest diet.  My eating habits have definitely improved from how I ate six years ago when I was 319 lbs but I think I have fallen into the trap of thinking I could eat freely because I have worked that day.   ...

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Maybe not 50% but still 25%

The Chango Fitness initial store launch to my original 154 followers is now wrapped up.  But you and everyone else can still save!  Help me spread the word and share Chango Fitness to all your friends.  All shirts & tanks on sale with 25% through May 31st!

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A 50% Off Thank You!

Store News!

The store is now open to those of you that originally like the first generation of this journey... CMGW!  The store's special pricing of 50% off is being offered to thank you for transitioning with me from CMGW to Chango Fitness!  The upcoming update will give the results of a little off the wall experiment I did, so keep an eye out for it.   Thank you all for coming along on my fitness journey, Angie J.  

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